2024 Productivity

2024 Productivity

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2024 Productivity
  • How To: Digital Vision Board

    Studies show that 1 in 5 successful entrepreneurs use vision board. Watch for the how & the why. Grab a pen and a notebook and get ready to dream big about the next few months of your life.

  • Setting SMART Goals

    Our surefire strategy for setting big goals & then actually reaching them. The SMART method coupled with some manifestation. Download the PDF worksheet to participate in this workshop to the furthest extent!

  • Creating & Retaining Habits

    Learn how to shift your routine with habits that benefit your life and growth. Watch this brief workshop and then follow along with the attached workbook to start putting information into action.

  • Habit Shifting Workbook

    116 KB

  • Nutrition for Productivity

    The GUIDE to nutrition for productivity with Kayla Pomponio of Be Well With Kayla. She walks us through her story and productivity tips as well as what to eat for optimal energy levels and focus throughout the day.

    Kayla is a Holistic Integrative Health Coach based in Montreal. She's certified b...