The Travel Routine

The Travel Routine

The routine for when you're on the go. Unleash your mind and sculpt your body while jet-setting -- this series of workouts and meditations can be done from anywhere your travels take you.

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The Travel Routine
  • 11-Minute Booty Burn

    Get ready to sculpt and tone your glutes with this intense 11-minute booty burn workout, guaranteed to leave you feeling the burn and seeing results.

  • 5-Minute Cacti Core Burner

    Get ready to feel the burn with this intense 5-minute ab workout using a resistance band. Sculpt and strengthen your core as you engage your muscles with targeted exercises that will leave you feeling energized and challenged

  • 11-Minute Banded Arms

    Tone and define your arms with this 11-minute banded arm circuit. Utilize the resistance band through a series of dynamic exercises that will leave you with sculpted and strong upper arms

  • 19-Minute Full Body Pilates Sculpt

    Get your heart rate up and then work on that slow burn with this full body. pilates sculpt workout.

  • 5-Minute Obliques Series

    An oblique-burner for when you need that quick confidence boost. Feel stronger in just 5 minutes. No equipment needed!

  • 10-Minute Full Body Stretch

    Stretch it out with us after a long day or week. Optimized for reversing the pressure from sitting.

  • Walking Meditation for Energy

    Step into a fresh start with this energetic walking meditation. Mind to movement!

  • 7-Minute Gratitude Meditation

    Flip your mindset with this empowering, impactful gratitude meditation in less than 10 minutes.

  • 11-Minute Sleep Meditation

    Breathwork series for the optimal night of sleep, so that you can seize the day.

  • 9-Minute Body Scan Meditation

    Relax and release tension as you bring your attention to each part of your body, cultivating a deep sense of awareness and promoting overall relaxation and well-being

  • Travel Routine Schedule

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